Kreacher Konnections Logo

Kreacher Konnections has been working on getting a logo created that perfectly represents our organization and mission. Our brilliant director pitched the idea she had for a logo to a class of graphic designers at Baker College of Owosso. A wonderful artist named Tiffany Plashek brought our ideas to life.  If you need any graphic design created, look her up, she is amazing!

kreacher konnection logo

Dezi says THANK YOU to all who have helped him!

Poor Dezi is a small terrier mix who came to us terribly neglected! A neighbor asked Dezi’s owners what was wrong with him, and was told they did not care what happened to him, and gladly surrendered him. He had barely any hair left, was crawling with parasites, had secondary infections from being allergic to fleas, and infections in both ears. He was still in good spirits though, wagging his tail at everyone.

He is on antibiotics for a couple more weeks before he is expected to be well enough to be neutered, and then we can start looking for his forever home. We all would like to say thank you to anyone who helped us care for him. Whether it was donations, sharing his pictures, or just telling a friend about Kreacher Konnections and the work we are doing, it is all appreciated!

thank you

Dezi and Molly Need Your Help!

Molly and Dezi
Molly and Dezi

Dezi was released to us by his owners who openly admitted they did not love him, so they didn’t take care of him. He was VERY neglected! Initially, we were worried that he would require long, expensive treatment for mange.  Fortunately, it was not mange and was not contagious. He will require many medicated baths, sessions of nail clippings,and lots of TLC before he can find his forever home. Even though he was neglected so badly, he is a sweet, loving, and grateful boy and DEFINITELY worth saving!


While this is good news, Molly was also taken to the vet to have her seizures assessed. We got the devastating news that a cyst on Molly’s leg is cancerous. She must have surgery Tuesday February 4 to remove the growth and send a sample to be tested.  Molly is such a happy and loving dog, I know she will be a trooper throughout this process.

We are a non-profit organization and we depend on donations from generous animals lovers. If you would like to donate to help pay for either Molly or Dezi’s care and recovery, please use the PayPal button on Kreacher Konnections Facebook or or mail donations to PO Box 83 Flint, MI 48501. Thank you. Please share so that Molly and Dezi can get the help they need.