Stevie is a wonderful 7 week old kitten who loves attention. She is friendly and curious, and very affectionate. She was surrendered to us by a good samaritan that stopped her from wandering into the road. It was clear that Stevie was extremely sick. However, she displayed the same symptoms as Sir Blinksalot and Sir Winksalot, whose condition greatly improved with antibiotics, because it was an upper respiratory infection. Stevie was diagnosed with the same, and is currently being treated. She has been bottle fed and needed fluid injected to keep her hydrated. It is amazing that she survived. Her recovery involved lots of TLC and various medications such as Antibiotics, antibacterial eye wipes and eye drops, fluids, etc.

sickkitten (1)steviewonder2

Unfortunately, Stevie’s infection was not treated soon enough, and caused damage to her eyes. One of her eyes has ruptured and the other is ulcerated. She is blind in both and will certainly require surgery. We will not know the full extent of repair necessary for both of her eyes, until Stevie visits a specialist. At this point we believe they may have to be removed.




Stevie is a loving affectionate kitten despite her previous neglect she loves humans and is very well socialized with both cats and dogs. We very much would like to help her as best we can. As a nonprofit organization, we require donations for our rescue to operate, especially in dire situations such as this. We do our best to help sick and injured animals but we need your help too. We need to raise $500 for Stevie to see a specialist and possibly more for her surgery. We have limited resources and so many animals that need help. Please donate ( if you can or at least please let other people know about Stevie and her needs.


Thank You!

June is Adopt-a-cat Month

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