April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month!


April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month!

Do you know what to do for your pet in case of an emergency?


Our pets rely on us, and our thumbs, to help them when they are in need. petcprMany of us have taken human First-Aid or CPR courses. However, dogs and cats don’t share the same anatomy as us. Although the concept is the same, the techniques differ. In addition, we can’t ask our dog or cat, “Where does it hurt?” or “Did you just eat something out of the trash?” Pet-specific training is therefore essential.










Want to be prepared with a pet specific First Aid kit? This infograpic from Martha Stewart Pets tells you what you need to have on hand.




National Poison Prevention Week


This is National Poison Prevention Week, and that includes your pets.


Do you know which foods are unsafe for pets? 

This poster is a great resource and you can even order a fridge magnet!

Are your houseplants toxic to pets? check the ASPCA’s list. 


What else can be dangerous to your pet? 

Here is an extensive list of possible poisons for pets.