Rescue Dogs – 7 Reasons They’re Immeasurably More Interesting than Ordinary Dogs

Picture of a Rescue DogAll dogs, regardless of whether they’re purebred, a mixed breed, or even what many of us would call a “mutt,” have their own personalities, whether loving, mischievous, or independent. Sure, you can buy a purebred puppy from a breeder or a pet store, but if you have never considered a rescue dog, you’re missing out on an amazing opportunity to learn just how much these dogs can enrich your life.

Sometimes adding a rescue dog to your family brings about many mysteries; regardless, all dogs need and deserve a loving family to care for them. If you’re wondering why we claim rescue dogs are immeasurably more interesting than those you purchase from a breeder or inherit from a friend or family member, here are our thoughts:

Rescue dogs have endless gratitude. All a dog needs to be happy is food, a comfortable place to sleep, and a little TLC and loving from you. Your pet will feel as if he/she is living a life of luxury when compared to a shelter!

Like some women, your pet may not reveal his or her age. That’s the thing with pets you adopt from an animal rescue organization or shelter – you never know what you’re getting! One of the mysteries we spoke about earlier, you may never guess your pet’s age.

Rescuing a dog fills your heart with joy. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing you are giving a dog a second chance at life, especially when the love you get in return demonstrates your dog’s appreciation.

Rescue dogs are “cool.” Where else could you get a dog with street smarts, one who’s been there and done that? These dogs have a richness of experience you just don’t get with pets adopted elsewhere.

They can help your friends and family strike up a conversation. In many cases, you may not have a clue about the breed of your dog, especially if it is a mixed breed. Everyone who comes to your home will have an opinion, especially those who consider themselves “dog experts.” The funny thing is, you’ll get more theories than could possibly exist in your dog’s heritage!

You get to pick your pet’s birthday. Since you don’t know when your dog was actually born, you get to choose when to celebrate Fido’s birthday – but don’t worry, he won’t mind.

Doesn’t that dog look like Fido? That’s a question many owners of rescue dogs ask many times – in fact, there may be many occasions on which you see a dog that slightly resembles yours, and you find yourself wondering “Could it possibly be . . . ?” Who knows how many siblings your pet really has?

Why not make the choice to get a dog that may not have another chance at life, and that will peak your interest and curiosity – not to mention love you unconditionally?

Meet Abby!

Cindy Cat

Abby and her 4 siblings were born in a barn, but are perfectly well mannered kittens.  These kittens are lucky to be alive, the previous kittens that were born in that barn were eaten by coyotes so Kreacher Konnections was contacted by the home owner to save them before they got out and found trouble. 

12 weeks old, playful and cuddly.  These kittens would make a wonderful addition to your family.  Please consider bringing her home to celebrate the holidays with you.