Fosters Needed

You can save ONE animal by adopting, but you can save MANY by fostering!

Afraid you will keep them all? We promise to find them good homes! Once you meet the new family and see the love in their eyes, you will understand why we need to let them go.

Feel bad about them being in the shelter or homeless? Fostering is the answer!

We always need more fosters- the more foster homes we have, the more animals we can save! Fill out a foster form today. You could save so many lives!




Stevie is a wonderful 7 week old kitten who loves attention. She is friendly and curious, and very affectionate. She was surrendered to us by a good samaritan that stopped her from wandering into the road. It was clear that Stevie was extremely sick. However, she displayed the same symptoms as Sir Blinksalot and Sir Winksalot, whose condition greatly improved with antibiotics, because it was an upper respiratory infection. Stevie was diagnosed with the same, and is currently being treated. She has been bottle fed and needed fluid injected to keep her hydrated. It is amazing that she survived. Her recovery involved lots of TLC and various medications such as Antibiotics, antibacterial eye wipes and eye drops, fluids, etc.

sickkitten (1)steviewonder2

Unfortunately, Stevie’s infection was not treated soon enough, and caused damage to her eyes. One of her eyes has ruptured and the other is ulcerated. She is blind in both and will certainly require surgery. We will not know the full extent of repair necessary for both of her eyes, until Stevie visits a specialist. At this point we believe they may have to be removed.




Stevie is a loving affectionate kitten despite her previous neglect she loves humans and is very well socialized with both cats and dogs. We very much would like to help her as best we can. As a nonprofit organization, we require donations for our rescue to operate, especially in dire situations such as this. We do our best to help sick and injured animals but we need your help too. We need to raise $500 for Stevie to see a specialist and possibly more for her surgery. We have limited resources and so many animals that need help. Please donate ( if you can or at least please let other people know about Stevie and her needs.


Thank You!

Meet Lolo!

We received a call the evening of March 16th, 2014 from the local police who had found a dog tied to a fence so tight that she could not even sit down. The officer had fed her a whole bag of beef jerky, but could not get near her as she lashed out in fear. I fed her a whole can of wet food and some more treats, but each time I got the leash near her or moved too close she would angrily charge. The officers had no luck distracting her so I could untie her from the fence. So I borrowed a catch pole from PAWS (thank you very much) and came back with my husband. As soon as we got her loose from the fence and into the car her demeanor changed. She is still scared, but is resting in a blanket filled crate instead of the 2° weather. Hopefully this is the start of a much better life for her!

Lolos chain


Dezi and Molly Need Your Help!

Molly and Dezi
Molly and Dezi

Dezi was released to us by his owners who openly admitted they did not love him, so they didn’t take care of him. He was VERY neglected! Initially, we were worried that he would require long, expensive treatment for mange.  Fortunately, it was not mange and was not contagious. He will require many medicated baths, sessions of nail clippings,and lots of TLC before he can find his forever home. Even though he was neglected so badly, he is a sweet, loving, and grateful boy and DEFINITELY worth saving!


While this is good news, Molly was also taken to the vet to have her seizures assessed. We got the devastating news that a cyst on Molly’s leg is cancerous. She must have surgery Tuesday February 4 to remove the growth and send a sample to be tested.  Molly is such a happy and loving dog, I know she will be a trooper throughout this process.

We are a non-profit organization and we depend on donations from generous animals lovers. If you would like to donate to help pay for either Molly or Dezi’s care and recovery, please use the PayPal button on Kreacher Konnections Facebook or or mail donations to PO Box 83 Flint, MI 48501. Thank you. Please share so that Molly and Dezi can get the help they need.