Ripley’s Removal & Recovery

Ripley has lived an extraordinarily tough life. She had survived many hardships before being rescued, but is still facing a life-threatening obstacle.

Ripley was found living behind a Chuck E. Cheese and other resteraunts and eating from their garbage.  When she was first found, she was listless and lethargic, but perked up after a good meal and fresh water.  It was apparent that Ripley had been abandoned after being used and abused for breeding. Her nipples sagged and touched the ground, a symptom the veterinarian suspects is from multiple litters of puppies. Ripley was spayed and fully vetted, and we were glad that she was heartworm negative, but she did have an eye issue.  After several tests and trial and error to treat her eye, we took Ripley to an ophthalmologist and put her on an eye drop that she will need each day for the rest of her life.

Now she is facing a new challenge: two tumors have been discovered in nipples #3 and #5.  The vet says they need to be removed as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, the surgery and after care are more than the rescue can afford currently.  Ripley needs your help to get her patched up, so she can live a happy and healthy life with a furever family.

Thank you for helping this wonderful dog!

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