Meet Lolo!

We received a call the evening of March 16th, 2014 from the local police who had found a dog tied to a fence so tight that she could not even sit down. The officer had fed her a whole bag of beef jerky, but could not get near her as she lashed out in fear. I fed her a whole can of wet food and some more treats, but each time I got the leash near her or moved too close she would angrily charge. The officers had no luck distracting her so I could untie her from the fence. So I borrowed a catch pole from PAWS (thank you very much) and came back with my husband. As soon as we got her loose from the fence and into the car her demeanor changed. She is still scared, but is resting in a blanket filled crate instead of the 2° weather. Hopefully this is the start of a much better life for her!

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